Friday, December 31, 2010

A new decade !!

Sitting alone in the office late in the evening, I had a barrage of thoughts & emotions in my mind. It is New Year's eve. Majority of the people will be in high spirits (Some of them consuming liquid spirits!!). I just wanted to look in retrospective. At the start of this decade, I was a studious school going kid wanting to have top grades. These ten years seemed have gone in a flash. I completed my bachelor's degree in engineering and my masters is hanging in the balance. Me and the world have undergone so many changes in this decade. The world has seen so many things good and terrible. My own world has been changed forever. I wonder what this new decade has in its store for me, my world and the world!!

Can't even imagine. Have u ever thought what would happen to you in ten years? Just imagine and note it down somewhere. Looking back, you will be bound to be astonished at the events!!

Happy new decade to everyone out there!!

Sounds too much over the top, anyway Happy 2011!!

Be prepared to get surprised !!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This deepavali is turning out to be different one from my previous well celebrated occasions.I reached home early in the morning when both sun and my father hadn't woken up from their deep slumber. Even after pressing the calling bell twice, I didn't get any response at the door. I was expecting my mom to open the door but it was my dad who appeared at the door after 2 or 3 minutes. Then I realized that my mom is not at my home. She had gone to my sister's place some two weeks ago.I had spoken to her before starting from Bangalore!! Usually deepavali for me is centered around my mom. She prepares awesome sweets like Murrukku, Adirasam, Rava laddu, Spring bakkada etc.. All typical south Indian sweets. I usually play a small role in helping my mom in making those sweets and a bigger one along with my dad in munching them off. Mohan!!, Get up and apply oil to your hair!! It's already 4.00am get up!!. I am missing these dialogues screamed at me by my mom.

I started blogging not knowing what to do. My home at Trichy is in such a terrible state. Newspapers spread all over the house including window sill of loo!! Have to clean my house and take the traditional Ganga Snanam!! Have to my wake up my father whose high decibel snoring made my realize that he has gone back to sleep after letting me into the house!!

Anyway folks!! Have a blast during deepavali with ur family and friends!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Telly Hangover...

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, one of the character asks what is interesting about 22 players chase one round leather ball. When I read my first Harry Potter book, even I had the very same question. How interesting is football to watch ? Having not followed the best football league in the world for years (If you doesn't know, it is easy. EPL... source of IPL's franchisee formula) , my footballing knowledge was very limited to Pele and Maradona. Having been sucked into the vortex of EPL in my final year of engineering, I still find it a daunting task to ignore or shun following EPL or Champions league. Being a self proclaimed fan of Steven Gerrard, I follow and support Liverpool Football Club (LFC) in EPL. Yesterday nite, I watched Liverpool play in Europa League against Benfica. At half time, I was confident that LFC would somehow hang on to win the match, but refereeing decisions made them lose. Heartbreak for all LFC supporters after the match!! :( After watching cracker of a match between Arsenal and Barcelona till 2.30 am the night before that, I tried abstaining myself from watching LFC play but to little effect. Continuously watching matches late in to the night is not good for health, which I came to realise this morning when I was down with the television hangover!! Didn't feel like coming to office nevertheless I had to move my butt off my bed !! Damn this telly hangover!!.

P.S : With the Football World Cup fast approaching, the author doesn't know how to watch all the televised matches and still manage arriving to work place everyday!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pain is pleasure ?? WTF

"Being in love is the most wonderful feeling in the world" is a statement that I have heard from many of my friends but not didn't get a chance to feel it. My friends in love will completely align with the first statement that I have written here. In a relationship, guys always become the scapegoat or ends up on the losing side... after the breakup, life seriously starts to suck. The heart suffers from the separation and the solitude literally kills. The guy starts to live his life with a different perspective. He tries to derive pleasure from the excruciating pain of the heart. He still gets reminded of her and the wonderful time they shared together. He rants about the vacillating mind of the fairer sex and ponders what wrong he has done to bring the relationship to a grinding end. Inconsistency in the woman 's mind is a bane for male population. Understanding a woman is like going through a deep labyrinth full of twists and turns, which creeps up when least expected. Having known about the nature of the female sex, it was further supplemented and authenticated by Gautam Menon's Vinnathandi Varuvaayaa. It is a nicely crafted movie where the lead pair of Simbu and Trisha don't end up together due to oscillating nature of the heroine. Hero is left lurching in the middle by the lady of the movie. The male character tries to cope up with the lost love. The dialogue where he states that he is practicing to enjoy the pleasure from the pain is testament to the honesty & integrity of the guys, who stand by their love. Trying to overcome those wonderful memories and feelings is never an easy task, which Gautam Vasudev Menon has shown with passion and sincerity. Difference between reel and real life is clearly demarcated in the climax of the movie. All the lovers will be able to connect with the film.

My observations are that my friends from the fairer sex doesn't seem to agree with the movie and the portrayal of the heroine!! Truth is always bitter!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tamizh Padam

I believe it is the first spoof movie in Tamil (Tamizh) film industry. Having watched grossly shot English spoof movies like Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie etc., Tamizh Padam is a change in the right direction (Welcome relief from the main stream & masala movies!!) :) From the very first scene onwards, the spoofing starts. Blockbuster movies, iconic stills, memorable scenes, heroes, heriones, chartbuster songs, famous directors and what not?.. Everything in Tamil film industry have been spoofed mercilessly...

Some interesting spoofs from the movie..
  • Name of the village where the story starts is "Cinema patty"
  • Film's main characters are named after Boys heroes..
  • Lyrics of one entire song in the film is from Tamil songs, which start with non- tamil words like hasile fisile, oh maga seeya etc.
  • Some of the movies which are spoofed are Karuthamma , Thalapathy, Boys, Kaakha Kaakha, Naatamai, Vetaiyaadu Vilayaadu, Sivaji, Annamalai etc.. In fact, the list of movies spoofed crossed 40..
  • All the cliches like 'becoming rich in one song', 'growing up with rotation of cycle wheel' and whatever you could think of in Tamil film industry, are spoofed aptly.

Rip roaring comedy is sure provided you should be well versed with Tamil films from 80's also. There will be absolutely no time to think over the movie being spoofed, because every scene in the movie spoofs about some famous movie or its scene or characters.

Story of the movie is not the point of discussion. Anyways, it about the hero Shiva who is a police officer ( revealed in later stages for the surprise factor.. but fails miserably fails to do so) and how he deals the society and goondas. The entire story is very predictable yet enjoyable to the core.. Songs are unwanted additions in the movie. Highly recommended for every Tamil cinema watcher.. Two and half hours of ultimate enjoyment..

P.S: Planning to watch the movie again with my friends ( who pestered me so that the spoofs will be explained to them). Happy to do it anyway!! Karumbu thinna koolie venuma??

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Makeover to the blog..

Mission Makeover which I was planning for a long time.. finally succeeded. My blog which was so dull, received a much needed face lift. My little and unused brain came up with an idea to change the template, so that it matches my blog title. After searching the internet which is strewn with unusable and weird looking templates, I settled on the current one. I feel that my blog looks cool huh..!!

Netizens out there, I wanna end the post on a sad note by condoling the death of Jyoti Basu, the five time former Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Avatar mania had struck the entire world. I didn't wanna be left behind. Failing to get tickets on many occasions did increase my desperation and expectations for the movie. Myself and Balu booked for nite show in Fame Shankar Nag, Bangalore. People were literally flocking to the theatre to see Avatar. Even during a weekday, tickets sale was very high. Nite shows were fully packed with people. It was my first 3D movie.

From the very first scene, James Cameron ties you down to the seat with exotic landscapes of Pandora, an earth like planet in the Alpha Centauri System. Even though set in 2154, the story deals about the human greed, love, affection & betrayal. The plot of the movie is straight as it gets. Save Pandora from human beings (called as Sky people by Navi tribe)!! The main lead, Jake Sully, is played by Sam Worthington,virtually unknown before this film. Jake Sully enjoys his Avatar,(the blue coloured body is the result of Project Avatar) as he his able to use his legs. He is a paraplegic in the real world. He learns their language, customs and hunting ways. By doing so, he naturally develops an affection for the Navi and their way of life. He curses the ruthlessness of the RDA corporation, in obtaining the very costly mineral unobtanium at the cost of Pandora & Navi people. Jake Sully switches side to the Navi tribe, so as to prevent humans destroying their "Home Tree". He fails to win the battle against humans but eventually wins the war with help from other Navi tribes, wild animals etc., The movie is essentially about the will and courageousness of Jake Sully to help Navi and their world from destruction. He goes to the extent of leaving his human body permanently to live in Pandora, which he likes to call his home.

The visual effects are beyond recognition. 3D viewing manages to exceed the expectations. One can't really imagine that the scenes involving the blue coloured Navi tribe are computer generated. It looks so real and amazing. James Cameron has pushed the envelope for CG to the ultimate level. He has co-developed an entirely new camera system for this film. The director, who gave us blockbusters like Titanic, Terminator 2 & True Lies, has made a simple story look awesome and grand in every sense. Kudos to the magic touch of James Francis Cameron. One can only be left spell bound after watching the movie. Must watch for every moviegoer. Once in a lifetime movie!!

Good news is that you can expect sequels to Avatar in the years to come!!