Friday, December 31, 2010

A new decade !!

Sitting alone in the office late in the evening, I had a barrage of thoughts & emotions in my mind. It is New Year's eve. Majority of the people will be in high spirits (Some of them consuming liquid spirits!!). I just wanted to look in retrospective. At the start of this decade, I was a studious school going kid wanting to have top grades. These ten years seemed have gone in a flash. I completed my bachelor's degree in engineering and my masters is hanging in the balance. Me and the world have undergone so many changes in this decade. The world has seen so many things good and terrible. My own world has been changed forever. I wonder what this new decade has in its store for me, my world and the world!!

Can't even imagine. Have u ever thought what would happen to you in ten years? Just imagine and note it down somewhere. Looking back, you will be bound to be astonished at the events!!

Happy new decade to everyone out there!!

Sounds too much over the top, anyway Happy 2011!!

Be prepared to get surprised !!